Prepare the Stuffing

Prepare the Leeks

Finish the Dish

  • Dried Persian limes 2.0 each
  • Parsley, chopped for garnish
  • Pomegranate seeds, as needed
  1. Prepare the Stuffing

    • Strain the rice and quinoa, and combine. Add the walnuts, garlic, and mint and mix.
    • Then add the pomegranate molasses and Knorr Intense Flavors Miso Umami, cumin, and season with salt and pepper, then mix together again.
  2. Prepare the Leeks

    • Cut off the stem and put into water to boil, treat the leeks in Knorr Professional Liquid Concentrated Vegetable Base. After 30 minutes remove from pot and peel. Roll stuffing into leaks.
  3. Finish the Dish

    • Layer stuffed leeks in a shallow pot, fill up the pan so that the diluted Knorr Professional Liquid Concentrated Vegetable Base covers the leeks, and add the Persian limes.
    • Simmer over low heat for 45 minutes making sure there is enough liquid in the pan through cooking, adding more diluted stock if needed.
    • After 45 minutes or until the rice is fully cooked, gently transfer leeks to a serving platter, garnish with chopped parsley and pomegranate seeds.