Prepare the Sauce and Chicken

Fry the Chicken

  • All-purpose flour 4.0 cups
  • Seasoned salt 1.0 Tbsp
  • Paprika or cajun spice (if you want it spicy) 1.0 Tbsp
  • Oil for frying
  • Poultry seasoning 1.0 Tbsp

Assemble the Poutine

  • Thick cut fries, pre-blanched or frozen 3.0 lbs
  • Cheese curds, white, fresh 2.5 lbs
  • Green onions, sliced thin 0.5 cup
  • Knorr® Gravy Mix Poutine 5.7 pound 1.5 qts, prepared
  1. Prepare the Sauce and Chicken

    • In a bowl combine the Hellmann's® Creamy Ranch dressing, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, cider vinegar and black pepper.
    • Whisk until all the ingredients are blended, keep refrigerated.
    • If you have chicken tenders, remove the tendon using a paring knife.
    • If you have chicken breasts, cut each breast into strips approximately 4” by .25-.50”.
    • Take half of the marinade and combine in a bowl with the chicken. Refrigerate for 2 to 6 hrs.
  2. Fry the Chicken

    • In a medium bowl combine the flour, seasoned salt, poultry seasoning and Paprika.
    • Drain the chicken slightly and dredge in the seasoned flour.
    • Fry in oil at 350°F for 6-8 minutes until golden brown.
  3. Assemble the Poutine

    • Deep fry a portion of fries.
    • In a bowl place a portion of fries and top with a portion of cheese curds.
    • Ladle 4 oz of the prepared Knorr® Classic Poutine Gravy on top of the fries and cheese curds.
    • Add 4 oz portion of chicken filets on top and drizzle with 1.5 oz of the Ranch sauce.
    • Garnish with the green onions.