Ingredients per serving


Prepare the Greek Mayonnaise

Prepare the Sandwich

  • Sandwich Rolls, split 10.0 each
  • Greek Mayonnaise, prepared 2.0 cups
  • Green Leaf Lettuce 10.0 leaves
  • Tomatoes, sliced 5.0 each
  • Chicken Breast, cooked, sliced 10.0 each
  • Cucumber, thinly sliced 2.0 each

Greek mayonnaise brings Mediterranean flavors to life in this cucumber, mint and chicken combo.



  1. Prepare the Greek Mayonnaise

    • Thoroughly combine Hellmann's® Light Mayonnaise, sour cream, cucumber, and mint. Keep refrigerated until service.
  2. Prepare the Sandwich

    • Spread cut sides of roll evenly with Greek Mayonnaise.
    • Layer bottom of roll with lettuce, tomato, chicken and cucumber.
    • Replace top of roll; serve immediately.