Prepare the Caramelized Leek and Onion Jam

Prepare the Wilted Kale

  • Kale leaves, ribs removed 1 lb
  • Apple Juice 4 oz
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste
  • Apple cider vinegar 4 oz
  • Shallot, medium dice 1 each
  • Brown sugar 0.25 cup

Prepare the Burger

  1. Prepare the Caramelized Leek and Onion Jam

    • Combine leeks, shallots, and onions in a pan and caramelize. Once caramelized, add remaining ingredients and simmer until reduced to a thick jam. Reserve refrigerated.
  2. Prepare the Wilted Kale

    • Bring all ingredients to a simmer except kale. Add kale and lightly simmer until tender. Refrigerate for service.
  3. Prepare the Burger

    • Prepare the beef patties until desired doneness. Top each patty with Swiss cheese.
    • Rewarm the Wilted Kale.
    • To assemble, spread 1 Tbsp Hellmann’s®Real Mayonnaise on each side of the bun, then add beef patty.
    • Add Wilted Kale and top with 1 oz. of the Caramelized Leek and Onion Jam, and a few slices of apple. Serve.


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