To Prepare

  • Yogurt, plain 3 Tbsp
  • LeGout Cream Soup Base, prepared 1.3 floz
  • Light coconut milk 1.2 floz
  • Skim Milk 3 c
  • Water 2.6 qt
  • Vanilla essence 1 Tbsp
  • Flax seed 8.8 oz
  • Quinoa (raw) 15.5 oz
  1. To Prepare

    • Soak the quinoa overnight in double the volume of cold water.
    • Place the soaked quinoa, vanilla, water and coconut milk in a suitable pot and bring to a gentle simmer.
    • When the quinoa starts to thicken, add the flax seed, skim milk and LeGout Cream Soup Base. Simmer for another 3 minutes, until required thickness is achieved.
    • Finally, stir in the yogurt. Serve topped with berries or seasonal fruits.


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