Prepare the Fish Curry

Finish the Fish Curry Sauce

To serve

  • Cabbage, shredded 4 cups
  • Mung bean sprouts 4 cups
  • Cucumber, quartered lengthwise, sliced thinly 2 cups
  • Long bean, sliced thinly crosswise 2 cups
  • Thai basil, only leaves 2 cups
  • Rice Noodle (Kanam Jeen) 4 cups
  1. Prepare the Fish Curry

    • In a mortar mix shrimp paste and curry with cooked fish together.
    • Heat about half a cup of coconut milk in a pot or pan and add the mixed curry paste. Cook the curry paste, no need to crack or break the coconut cream (most southern Thai curries don’t really need to have a thick later of oil floating on top like the curries in the central or the north).
    • Cook the curry paste for 2 to 3 minutes just to make sure that all the spices are cooked and not butter and also released their aromas.
    • Add 3 cups of coconut milk and 3 cups of fish stock together, wait until it boils, then add the salt and torn kaffir lime leaves.

  2. Finish the Fish Curry Sauce

    • When the Fish Curry boils again, season with fish sauce and sugar. Add tamarindpaste to see if it is still sour. If it is, lower the heat and let it simmer for a while longer. If the sauce gets thick add more water.
    • Taste again to see if it has released all its sourness into the soup. Adjust the taste to your preference. If should be a blend of salty, sour ad a hint of sweetness. Three flavors that are balanced.
    • Pour the remaining coconut milk in the sauce at the end and stir it in. Once it bubbles again turn off the heat.

  3. To serve

    • Arrange the cabbage, bean sprouts, cucumber, long beans and Thai basil in sections among 6 plates. Divide the fish curry sauce and rice noodlesamong 6 bowls and serve on the plate with the garnishes.



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