Ingredients per serving


Prepare the dish

Elevate your snacking experience with Cauliflower Wings with Spicy Gochujang Honey Dipping Sauce! Irresistibly crispy, spicy, and sweet – a perfect combo



  1. Prepare the dish

    • Cut cauliflower into 10 even wedges keeping stem intact
    • Make Dredging mixture by combining Corn Starch, flour, paprika, S&P and mixing well.Reserve.
    • Make dipping sauce by combining Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo with Gochujang paste and honey and mixing well. Reserve
    • Heat oil to 350 degrees
    • Dredge cauliflower in cornstarch mixture and deepfry 3-5 minutes until tender with a bite and light brown.
    • Serve hot with dipping sauce.