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Cauliflower Risotto With Seared Scallops



  1. Cauliflower Risotto With Seared Scallops

    • Heat a saucepan and add in the olive oil and onions cook until aromatic, add in the garlic and cook until translucent. Add in the thyme and cook.
    • Add the cauliflower into the pan and cook for 2-4 minutes. Deglaze the pan with white wine and cook until the cauliflower is tender.
    • Add the cream soup base and parmesan, mix for 1 minute, turn off the heat and mix in the grilled diced fennel, season to taste.
    • Season and sear the scallops until golden brown.
    • Plate the cauliflower risotto into 4 bowls, top with the arugula that has been dressed in the Hellmann’s lemon za’atar vinaigrette and top with the seared scallop. Serve immediately and enjoy.