Now Offering Ben & Jerry's®, Magnum®, & Breyers® Pints: Put the most ordered dessert on your menu today! 

  • DID YOU KNOW that restaurants with ice cream delivery see an average increase of $6 in order value? Over 40% of Americans would order ice cream had they known it was available
  • 53% of US households consume ice cream every week, so give your guests the brands and flavors they love through delivery and takeout:
    • Ben & Jerry’s®: #1 U.S. Ice Cream Brand & +30% Growth in 2020
    • Breyer’s® #1 Vanilla Ice Cream in the United States with 93% Brand Awareness
    • Mangnum®: #1 Global Super Premium Ice Cream Brand
  • Contact us to learn more about how these products can drive traffic, increase average order value and how we can partner with you to promote these offerings.


Check Out Our Full Portfolio for Your Menu

Check Out Our Full Portfolio for Your Menu

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A scoop of Ben and Jerrys ice cream.

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