Ingredients per serving


Prepare the Dish

Delight in the savory goodness of our Torta de Pollo Guisado – a taste of homestyle Mexican comfort in every bite.



  1. Prepare the Dish

    • Mix all the dry seasonings together. Rub the spice blend on the chicken thighs. In a hot skillet or cast iron, sear the chicken thighs in the canola oil for about 3 minutes. Finish baking them in the oven at 350 for 15 mins. Once the thighs are fully cooked, let them rest. 
    • To build the tortas: Split the bolillos, spread some mayonnaise on each side and toast on a hot comal or flat top. Spread guacamole on the bottom bun, top with two pieces of chicken, two slices of queso fresco, shredded lettuce, cilantro and pickled red onions and smash with the top bun. Enjoy!