1. Food Hacks + Tips

Provide value by sharing unique food hacks or tips related to your handheld. Teach your audience something new, whether it's a time-saving technique or a flavor-enhancing trick.

Why not create your own flavor-infused butters for use in burgers and wraps? Some winning combinations include Spicy Sriracha Lime Butter or Truffle Mushroom Butter.

pads of butter

2. Looks Matter!

Start strong by presenting your handheld masterpieces in a visually appealing way. Invest time in arranging ingredients, playing with colors, and ensuring your food looks as good as it tastes. Remember, the first bite is often taken with the eyes!

Check out Katz’s Delicatessen in New York, the number 1 restaurant on TikTok in the US. They let their food do the talking and their videos have a viral following!



3. Share Your Story

Share the story behind your handheld creation. Whether it's a family recipe passed down through generations or an innovative fusion of flavors, a compelling narrative can enhance the appeal of your TikTok content.


4. Showcase the Steps

Leverage TikTok's dynamic video format to showcase the intricate art of crafting your handhelds. Provide viewers with an exclusive backstage pass to your kitchen, emphasizing essential techniques and culinary mastery through a step-by-step journey of your creation process.


chef pulling pork

5. Make it Slick

Enhance your TikTok videos with these three tips for success:

1. Invest in quality lighting to illuminate your content.

2. Prioritize meticulous editing for a polished final product.

3. Create visually captivating content that not only stands out but also increases the likelihood of sharing and appreciation among users.


man cooking

6. Unexpected Ingredients

Introduce a limited edition or seasonal twist to your menu by experimenting with unexpected flavor pairings. Guests love creations with unique ingredient combinations, creating taste sensations that captivate and delight.

Take this unbeatable classic – The Reuben. Why not consider replacing pastrami with smoked turkey for a limited time —leaving viewers eager to savor the flavor!


ruben sandwich

7. Get Interactive

Engage your audience by adding interactive elements to your TikTok videos. Pose questions, encourage viewers to try your recipes, and respond to comments to build a sense of community around your culinary creations.


food vlogger recording video

8. Collaborate

Consider collaborating with TikTok influencers for a limited-time gastronomic experience. Utilize the creative prowess of influencers to showcase unique flavor pairings and unexpected twists. Their engaging content not only captivates a broader audience but also leaves viewers eager to savor the exclusive offerings at your restaurant. 


person taking photo with iphone

9. Handheld Hashtags

Boost your content's visibility by incorporating trending and pertinent hashtags. This link is a useful tool for finding popular hashtags within the food and beverage industry. Just choose these in the dropdowns:

Alternatively, try hashtag generator tools for personalized suggestions, ensuring your content aligns seamlessly with trending topics. Stay on top of current food-related trends, infusing your captions with these dynamic hashtags for maximum audience engagement. Keep the conversation sizzling and your content in the spotlight! 


handheld hashtags

10. Integrate Trends

Stay ahead of TikTok trends to enhance your handheld content. Whether it’s popular dance, a catchy soundtrack, or embracing a viral challenge, integrating trends amplifies the discoverability of your videos.

Should negative comments arise, respond with positivity and professionalism, turning criticism into an opportunity to engage and educate. Keep your finger on the pulse and your content in the limelight!