To help you capture more Valentine’s Day traffic, we asked two of our chefs to weigh in with new, innovative ideas for your restaurant. These suggestions are sure to give your guests an experience they’ll remember and think of you when Valentine’s Day rolls around next year. 


Chef Kyla Says Opposites Attract

Odd Couples On Valentine's Day

Matching a menu to a common theme in love is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Consider an “Odd Couple” or “Opposites Attract” motif that features flavors and foods guests don’t often consider eating together.

Peanut Butter and Pickled Vegetables

This combo may seem reserved for out-of-date jokes about pregnant women, but it’s actually quite tasty. See if you can source some locally-made pickled veggies or nut butters to give things a more artisanal feel. 

Chocolate and Parmesan

The sweet and salty mixture takes place all the time, but people don’t often consider a delicious cheese as the source of the salty component. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with other cheese/chocolate combinations. Honey and some cheese varieties can also be delicious. 

Maple Syrup and Eggs

We’re not talking typical scrambled or fried eggs, but well prepared eggs with a maple syrup drizzle can be truly outstanding. Consider eggs from nontraditional sources, too, such as quail, ducks or geese.  

Avocado and Cocoa

Avocado toast is sweeping the nation as the must have snack or small plate, but consider adding a dusting of cocoa for a delightful, unexpected twist. The smooth texture of the avocado is a perfect match with the flavorful cocoa.


Chef Einav Says Three Is Not a Crowd

Celebrating Valentine's Day In A Group

More and more we’re seeing people from younger generations celebrating Valentine’s Day as a group. Consider adding extra shareable dishes to your menu to account for those enjoying this romantic occasion together. Here are some delicious shareable menu ideas for inspiration. 

Dates Stuffed with Lamb or Spiced Nuts

The balance of textures in these create a delicious experience.  

Tomato Fritters with Tzatziki Yogurt Dipping Sauce

The cool, creamy sauce is the perfect complement to the crispiness of the fritters. 

Fresh Oysters and Spicy Chorizo

Oysters are a classic crowd pleaser, and when they’re paired with a spicy sausage, the combination is outstanding. 

Figs Brulee with Berbere Spice

The sweetness of the figs is balanced by the slightly spicy, smoky African spice blend. 

Steamed Mussels with Pumpkin Seed Pesto

A bowl of mussels can be the perfect shareable dish. Adding a pumpkin seed pesto brings a new twist to this timeless favorite.  


Capturing new traffic this Valentine’s Day can have a big impact on sales, as well as in years to come. You have the opportunity to be known and the place to go on this special day—and have some fun along the way.