Often an afterthought or seen as something to merely top a salad, menu incidences of seeds are up 34%.* Many consumers already add seeds and nuts to home-cooked meals to increase protein consumption. And a little goes a long way. You can boost protein content with as little as 2 tablespoons of seeds or 1/4 cup of nuts per portion.

Hemp Seeds

For a filling, unique dish, try barbecued sweet potato and hemp seed salad with kale.

Chia Seeds

Create a delicious dessert guests have likely never had before by adding Earl Grey, rosewater and chia seeds to Greek yogurt.

Flax Seeds

Already on consumers’ radar for a couple of years, showcase new toppings for flax seed crackers by pairing them with pumpkin-maple-mascarpone dip.

Balsamic Fruit Salad with Chia

Hazelnut Spread

Make your own reduced-sugar version of this pantry staple and serve as a savory starter with seed-crusted baguettes, olive oil, and flaked sea salt.