In collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America

Inside the Plant-Forward Kitchen: New York is the second chapter of an educational video series, a first-of-its-kind video reference library documenting the best of plant-forward cuisine. In this volume, we explore the markets, kitchens, and restaurants of New York. 

Introduction to Inside the Plant-Forward Kitchen: New York



Cadence: Interview with Chef Shenarri Greens

Cadence: Vegan Palm Cake

Cadence: Vegan Southern Fried Lasagna


Cosme: Interview with Chef Gustavo Garnica

Union Square Greenmarket: A Tour with Chef Garnica

Cosme: Sweet Potato Tamale

Cosme: Corn Tomato Tlayuda

Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy: Interview with Chef Owner Amanda Cohen

Dirt Candy: Corn Tamale

Dirt Candy: Interview with Sous Chef Michaela Duke

Dirt Candy: Zucchini Rangoon


Oxomoco: Interview with Chef Emilio Cerra

Oxomoco: Grilled Maitaike Taco

Oxomoco: Grilled Carrot Tostada


Oxomoco: Grilled Carrot Tostada


Shukette: Interview with Chef Owner Ayesha Nurdjaja

Shukette: Signature Salad

Shukette: Melitzanosalata


Sofreh - Interview with Chef Nasim Alikhani

Sofreh - A’ash Reshteh

Sofreh: Anarbij with Cauliflower Steak


UMass Amherst Dining: Interview with Chef Alexander Ong

UMass Amherst Dining: Jian Bing

UMass Amherst Dining: Middle Eastern Platter with Executive Chef Bob Bankert

Golden Diner

Golden Diner: Wedge Salad á la Fat Choy

Golden Diner: Reuben Quesadilla

Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park: Sunflower Salad with Beans and Epazote

Eleven Madison Park: Silken Tofu with Tomato and Anise Hyssop

Eleven Madison Park: Interview with Chef Daniel Humm