Spice Up Your Menu

Spicy flavors are capturing the palates of consumers around the globe, a trend that is not only holding steady but expanding across various cuisines and product categories. According to industry insights, there's a growing enthusiasm for bold and spicy foods, reflecting a broader consumer shift towards more adventurous eating habits. The trend is partly driven by demographic changes, with younger generations particularly keen on exploring diverse, intense flavor profiles that offer a sensory kick.

This shift is influencing restaurant menus, with chefs innovating to meet the demand for foods that pack a punch. Using products like Hellmann's as a base can spice up traditional dishes and also offer versatility in how they can be used, from marinades to salad dressings and more.

How Spicy Should You Go?

Today’s diners are on a quest for spicy flavors that push the envelope, but not too fiery as to overshadow their meal’s intricate flavors. Concepts like Sweet Heat sauces make for appealing flavor combinations that drive your guests' interest. With 28% of customers searching for moderately spicy or hot condiments, now’s the time to incorporate these flavors into your menu! 

Preferred Heat/Spice Level For Condiments

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Spicy Mayo is Taking Menus by Storm

According to Datassential, spicy mayo is expected to grow 107% on chicken dishes over the next four years. See how Chef Brandon Collins uses Hellmann’s® Spicy Mayo to add a unique kick to a traditional Southern chicken sandwich.