Prepare the Jackfruit Larb:

To serve:

  • Boston lettuce, large 2 heads
  • Limes, cut into wedges 2 each
  1. Prepare the Jackfruit Larb:

    • Heat oil in wok. Stir in aromatics (garlic, lemongrass, galangal, shallots, and chilies).
    • Stir in jackfruit, green beans, and kefir lime leaves and stir-fry until jackfruit is golden brown. Mix constantly so aromatics do not burn.
    • Add in mushroom sauce, palm sugar and Knorr® Professional Liquid Concentrated Vegetable Base.
    • Stir in cilantro. Stir fry until fragrant and mixed well.
  2. To serve:

    Serve in lettuce cups with wedge of lime.


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