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From Hawaii, this is a winning platform of cured fish and customizable toppings. It appeals to the growing demand for fresh, healthy, globally-inspired meals. Plus, it’s an Instagram darling. Poke bowls offer the opportunity to create a social media splash.                    
Cast Iron Skillets
From the American south, skillet prep of foods such as grits and fried chicken serve up deep emotional food memories.        
American Sioux Tribe
Dishes made from indigenous foods such as corn, beans, potatoes, amaranth, quinoa, natural wild rice and tuberose harken back to the native inhabitants of America. A large part of re centering Indigenous cuisine is attempting to exclude European influences such as dairy and processed foods. Think of the “three sisters” of squash, beans, and corn, plus game meat as North American tribal flavors.

Saskatoon Berries

This deciduous native shrub grows from western Ontario to British Columbia and the Yukon.

Marketplace Examples

The menu at Francis Ford Coppola's restaurant Werowocomoco includes fry bread tacos, venison chili, cedar plank salmon and rotisserie prairie chicken.
The “Sioux Chef”, Sean Sherman raised almost $150,000 through Kickstarter for this startup project, making it the most most-backed restaurant venture on the site. His catering company, The Sioux Chef provides services throughout the Twin Cities area.

Da Kikokiko in Playa Vista, California, offers signature poke bowls, including yellowfin tuna with spicy mayo, scallion, Serrano, smelt egg, furikake and tempura crumbs.


How to Incorporate Indigenous Flavors into Your Menu



Feature skillets in brunch, bar bite and dessert applications. Consider calling out the cooking method on your menu for items like cast iron catfish or serving items in mini skillets.

 Tuna Poke Nachos

Tuna Poke Nachos

Add tuna poke “nachos” as a shareable dish or appetizer to get guests to try something new.

Use ingredients that originated in North America, like cranberries, crabapples, and blueberries in desserts such as cranberry-chocolate torte, crepes with crabapple-caramel filling, and blueberry cobbler with maple whipped cream.