Smoky BBQ Pulled Pork Bowl


Where’s it from: When you think of the South, it’s hard to think of anything more iconic than the smoky flavors of BBQ.

Why we love it: This smoky American classic collides with exotic Korean spices. Add Gochujang paste to your marinade to give pulled pork a spicy finish that, paired with a Korean kimchi slaw, will keep everyone coming back for more. 

Chef tip: Swap the pork for tofu to make this a plant forward dish. 



Hawaiian Shrimp Salad Bowl

Where’s it from: Every diner loves to be transported to a tropical get away. Hawaii is known for light and refreshing flavors that combine local produce at the peak of its freshness. 

Why we love it: This dish offers simple ingredients you’ll find in every kitchen with big flavors and minimal prep. Pineapple and shrimp are a quintessential pairing that will make your guests feel like they’re on island time.

Chef tip: Grill the pineapple to enhance the sweetness and add a bit of smoky flavor.

Southwest Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowl

Where’s it from: The Southwest is where you can find influences from Mexico and desert climates. Here, you’ll be greeted with bright colors, zesty seasoning, and unique regional specialties. 

Why we love it: This is a bowl packed with fresh veggies, bright flavors, and boldly seasoned grilled chicken. In order to achieve a traditional flavor profile, we use Knorr Professional Caldo de Pollo as a seasoning on the protein. 

Chef tip: This is the perfect opportunity to allow guest customization with sauces and toppings that make each bowl unique. 


Steak Quinoa and Chickpea Salad

Where’s it from: Heading inland to the sweeping plains of the Midwest, we're met with some of the best quality meats, potatoes, and hearty comfort foods.

Why we love it: While food in the Midwest can sometimes be heavy, this dish is lightened up by combining quinoa, chickpeas, currants and arugula while still being topped with a protein diners crave.

Chef tip: Cook the quinoa in Knorr Professional Liquid Concentrated Base for flavor all the way through the entire dish. 


Buddha Bowl With Vegan Green Goddess Dressing

Where’s it from: Heading to the West Coast, arguably the biggest champions of all things good for the mind, body and mother nature. Count on restaurants in this region to create delicious dishes that calm the soul. 

Why we love it: Healthy and green doesn't mean you need to sacrifice flavor for your guests. This Green Goddess Dressing made with Hellmann's Vegan Mayo is decadent, rich and a dreamy topping for any salad or bowl. 

Chef tip: Hellmann's Vegan Mayo is so close in flavor to a real mayo that you can use it for vegan or non-vegan dishes alike. 



Spicy Salmon Poke

Where’s it from: In the Northwest, you can expect to see the natural wonders of the rugged-mystical Pacific Coast, snow-capped mountains and crystal clear rivers. 

Why we love it: If a Salmon Poke bowl isn’t good enough already, this rendition takes it to a whole new level by tossing in a spicy Thai twist that will guarantee its status as a signature on your menu. Not only is it perfect for anyone looking for something light and refreshing – it's also cost effective too. 

Chef tip: If you can't get sushi grade salmon, substitute for cured salmon or even golden beets. 


Grain Bowl with Chickpeas and Quinoa

Where’s it from: The Northeast is home to some of the nation's best seasonal produce. From squash and corn to tomatoes and blueberries, this region truly finds influence from the melting pot of the people who live there. 

Why we love it: The Northeast is known for autumn, and this bowl gives us all the fall vibes with roasted squash, chard, and flavors that warm the soul.

Chef tip: Make this a summer bowl by adding grilled peaches.