Spiralize Vegetables to Give Your Dishes a Healthier Boost

Your guests still enjoy a good meal, but many also want healthier benefits. For example, “clean” and Asian-fused Californian cuisine are growing in popularity because they offer light dishes with lots of vegetables that don’t sacrifice on taste. To make healthier dishes that still look and taste delicious, consider breaking out a common and inexpensive kitchen gadget: your vegetable spiralizer.

Delight Guests with a New Take on Vegetables

Restaurants across the country are incorporating more non-meat foods into their menus by using a spiralizer to make noodles of your vegetables. They look elegant and have a nice and crunchy mouthfeel, delighting guests who otherwise might not be very excited by vegetables and have the impression that they lack flavor. Surprising them with a flavorful spiralized dish leaves a lasting impression and differentiates your restaurant in their minds.

Spiralized vegetables are also an appealing option for pasta-loving guests who are looking to reduce carbs and sugar in their diet. Vegetable pasta is gluten-free, grain-free and carb-free.

Spiralize Vegetables to Cut Down Prep Time

Spiralizers are also growing in popularity back-of-house thanks to the time saving benefits of this handy tool. It allows busy chefs to create consistent cuts of vegetables for salads, pasta dishes and more in a matter of seconds.

Consider spiralizing foods such as sweet potatoes, daikon radishes, zucchinis, carrots, pumpkin or beets to create on-trend dishes with a healthier twist. A lot of these vegetables are synonymous with fall, making this the perfect time to give spiralizing a try. If you don’t have a spiralizer, UFS Chef Einav Gefen suggests that “a mandolin with Julienne attachment or a vegetable peeler with a julienne blade can do the job.”



To get started with this on-trend vegetable format, consider this recipe for Sweet Potato-Noodles with Clams and Creamy Turmeric Dressing.