Legout® Minestrone Condensed Canned Soup - 10037500631639

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GTIN 10037500631639




HEATING DIRECTIONS: Pour contents of this can into a double boiler and stir in 1 can of water. Heat to serving temperature, stirring occasionally. Simmer for a few minutes to develop full flavor. For best results maintain proper serving temperature of 160° to 180°F. YIELD: 12-8 oz. servings.


12 x 51 OZ


Great as a main dish entree or as an accompaniment to a salad or sandwich.


Great tasting, savory soups with exceptional versatility, convenience and cost efficiency. Large cuts of meat, vegetables pasta and select seasonings. Easy to prepare - just add milk or water. Excellent served as finished soups or as ingredients in recipes.


Italian-style vegetable soup with lots of red beans, potatoes, carrots, spinach, onions and ditalini pasta in a tasty tomato broth.

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