Legout® Ham Style Base - 10037500893303

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GTIN 10037500893303




SOUP STOCK: Add the contents of this container to 4 gallons of boiling waterto make a delicious smoked ham flavored soup stock for bean, pea, potato, tomato and lentil soups. OTHER USES: Add LeGoût® Ham flavored Base to your own stock for extra enrichment. Use this product to impart a superb smoked ham flavor to gravies, sauces, vegetables, casseroles, meat loaves, and many other foods.


12 x 1 lb


Use wherever a rich hearty stock is required.


Legout shelf-stable bases offer high quality at a great value, with no added MSG varieties, hearty flavors, great flexibility and versatility, no trans fat varieties, and gluten-free varieties.


Brings a full-bodied, lightly smoked ham flavor to split pea soup, bean soup and vegetable side dishes.

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