Legout® CREAM SP BSE - 10037500000541

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GTIN 10037500000541




1. Gradually blend 25 oz of cream soup base to 1 gallon of tap water. Whisk until smooth. 2. Add other cooked ingredients as desired. 3. Heat to serving temperature (165°F) for 1 minute, stirring ocassionally. DO NOT OVERBOIL. To make entire amount, add 22.5 lbs of mix to 14 gallons and 36 fl oz of warm tap water. Minimum yield of products as packaged: Approximately 18 gallons.


1 x 22.5 Lb


Use to replace a bechamel and/or heavy cream in most savory recipes. Make soups, sauces, dips and entrees quickly and easily.


Shelf stable, no added MSG, freeze-thaw stable, water add only, no artificial flavors.


Rich dairy flavor with underlying savory notes with the consistency, mouth feel and performance of a white sauce (bechamel).

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