Meet Giles Edwards, the executive chef at Cape Town’s La Tete. This eatery follows a farm to fork philosophy, utilising nose to tail techniques reducing waste, and creating unique and delicious dishes. Watch how to create Ox Heart in multiple ways – creating culinary delights with under realized cuts, with these Chef courses. 


Nose to Tail Challenges

No culinary concept is without its challenges.  Understand the challenges carved from the nose-to-tail approach, from transport to sourcing and sustainability.


Ox Heart Preparation

Begin with preparing the ox-heart for cooking, trimming and butterflying before learning how you can save the excess sinuet for additional dishes.


Grilled Ox Heart Part 1

Part 1 shows you how to slice and season the Ox Heart, before setting aside for Part 2.


Grilled Ox Heart Part 2

Learn the easy-to-follow steps for grilling the meat, creating a char-marked finish.


Grilled Ox Heart Part 3

Learn the recipe and technique to create a delicious fresh and zesty vinaigrette to accompany your ox heart.


Grilled Ox Heart - Part 4, Plating

Learn the plate-up for your Grilled Ox Heart, combined with a fresh caper salad, French vinaigrette and the juices from your meat.


Ox Heart Tartare Part 1

Move onto the heart tartare, prepping and slicing the ox heart into small chunks before learning the recipe for the tartare seasoning used in Part 2.


Ox Heart Tartare Part 2

Watch Part 2 to learn the tartare plating, with simple touches.