As we head into the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to think about how delis and grocery stores can become more inclusive of shoppers who celebrate holidays that may fly under our radar. 

There are of course the big 4: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. But there are plenty of other religious and cultural celebrations that offer the opportunity to drive sales — and promote inclusiveness. 


Preparation Considerations

Just like how vegan and vegetarian guidelines are commonplace, look into what steps you can take to meet other standards such as Kosher or Halal. There are plenty of online resources to help ensure you’re following the right practices. Many times it’s as simple as keeping certain ingredients separate or bringing in brands that have a positive reputation and connotation with certain communities. 

Or you can reach out to local synagogues and mosques for help and ideas. Plus forming a relationship with those leaders can help endear you to their congregation — a big bonus for getting your name and reputation out there. 



Holidays Gaining Mainstream Appeal

A generation ago, many people would not be familiar with Cinco de Mayo or know what a quinceanera is. Now those celebrations are widely known and are even gaining appeal with the general population. Taking steps to support occasions like these open up entirely new avenues of growth. 

Always remember you’re not alone when it comes to expanding into new communities. Your manufacturer partners likely have all kinds of recipes and guides to help you deliver authentic dishes that meet requirements perhaps outside your normal operations. Doing so now puts you in an advantageous position as people gain a more global worldview. 


Chef Rudy

During his career spanning more than 40 years, Chef Rudy has held executive chef positions in several independent, fine dining restaurants as well as club and resort properties across the U.S. He joined the Unilever Culinary Team in 2006 and loves working with operators. He has a passion for food and cooking that he loves to share.