Hellmann's® Real Mayonnaise-Squeeze Bottles - 10048001356969

Product information

Product Number

GTIN 10048001356969




Ready to use.


12 X 20 fl oz


Great for sandwich fillings, deli dip, and making compound salads (potato, macaroni, etc.).


The highly desirable balance of acidic and sweet flavor notes enhances your menu items in a way that is unmatched by other brands. Maintains cling, consistency and stability-even when heated. Superior emulsion resists breaking down; your recipes retain outstanding texture, mouth feel, flavor and eye appeal. Outstanding performance reduces waste and lowers cost. The new bottle is easier to hold and use. The new directive nozzle makes it easier to put mayonnaise right where you want it, and the clean cap keeps the product looking great on your tables.


Hellmann's mayonnaise delivers a rich, creamy taste and texture that has made it America's favorite Real Mayonnaise. Among the most recognized brands in the world.

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