Top Dish: Chicken Sandwiches

Premium ingredients like brie and prosciutto are growing, as are premium carriers like brioche, hoagie and sourdough—locally sourced bread is showcased in our Chicken Avocado Sandwich.

Top Dish: Steak  

Hearty fruits and vegetables are being paired with steak more than others—think eggplant, bell peppers, grits and plantains.

Trend spin: Bring authenticity to your steak dishes by sharing your sourcing strategy and preparation details. Then pair with heirloom vegetables, seasoned with trending spices and sauce ingredients.

Top Dish: Eggs

Hispanic and Middle Eastern-Inspired sauces are growing on menus for non-omelet egg dishes including hollandaise sauce, salsa, ranchero sauce and hummus.

Trend spin:Preparing and serving ethnic inspired egg dishes in cast iron skillet will create a signature experience and deliver amazing flavor to the dish.

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