Top Dish: Fish  

Tilapia, catfish, snapper, sole and tuna are topping the fish dish favorites list, and they’re being topped with a growing number of Mexican-style sauces and condiments.

Trend spin: Serve bold, flavorful fish in casual ways like these fish tacos or sandwiches and wraps to make them more approachable for guests.

Top Dish: Specialty Rice

As familiar seasoned rice dishes like fried rice, jumbalaya and risotto still top the list for consumers, chefs are finding unique ways to introduce popular Middle Eastern and Latin herbs and spices into rice dishes.

Trend spin: Add texture and flavor to rice dishes with whole, roasted chickpeas that complement Middle Eastern fare.

Top Dish: Chicken Wings

This traditional dish is being reinvented in all kinds of sweet and spicy varieties using sauces like honey, honey mustard, hot barbecue and Sriracha.

Trend spin: Wings are a great way for guests to explore new, trendy flavors like the Guajilo chile through sauces.

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