Knorr® Professional Ultimate Paste Bases

Knorr® Professional Bases begin with real ingredients roasted to perfection. Our bases are the workhorse of your kitchen, relying on real ingredients and flavor rather than salt.

  • Vegetable bases are suitable for vegan diets and contain no animal by-products
  • Gluten free, no artificial flavors or preservatives, no MSG added, colors from natural sources, and low sodium varieties*

LeGoût® Cream Soup Base

LeGoût® Cream Soup Base offers exceptional performance while still delivering the taste and textures guests love. One taste against the competition and we’re sure you’ll agree what a difference it makes when you start with true flavor.


Knorr® Soup Du Jour

Time to rethink frozen soups. The days of waiting 8 hours for frozen soup to thaw are over.

Knorr® Professional Soup du Jour makes flavorful, on-trend soup easy. Just add water, whisk and heat and see how quickly and easily you can bring guests soups with scratch-like taste.

With Knorr Professional Soup du Jour, you’re always 20 minutes away from delicious soups crafted with ingredients you can feel good about.


Try any Soup Du Jour & a Knorr® Professional Base OR LeGout® Cream Soup Base.

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Try any Soup Du Jour & a Knorr® Professional Base OR LeGout® Cream Soup Base

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*Sample offer valid while supplies last. This offer is only valid for foodservice operators. Limit one sample per operator. If you submit multiple sample requests only your first request will be fulfilled pending eligibility.

Black foodservice soup kettle


Don’t forget your FREE soup kettle.

When you buy 10 or more cases of Knorr® Professional Soup du Jour, you’ll get this high-quality soup kettle on us.

Kettle type: Avantco W800 11QT Stainless Steel Soup Kettle Warmer – Value Approximately: 115$ USD.