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Knorr Professional Caldo

Made by chefs for chefs, Knorr Professional Caldo is ideal for restaurants, retail food service, and catering services. Knorr Professional Caldo is a versatile, flavor-enhancing granulated bouillon that can be used as a soup/broth base, marinade, brine, dry rub, braising liquid, and more.

Choose from

  • Knorr® Professional Caldo de Pollo (chicken base),
  • Knorr® Professional Caldo De Vegetales (vegetables base)
  • Knorr® Professional Caldo de Tomate con sabor de Pollo (chicken/tomato base)
  • Knorr® Professional Caldo de Res (beef base)
  • Knorr® Professional Caldo de Camaron (shrimp base) 

Knorr® Professional Liquid Concentrated Bases

Knorr® Professional Liquid Concentrated Bases deliver closest to scratch flavor in an instant with their easy-to-use format.

These products instantly create broths and stocks with exceptional flavor, color and aroma, and offer shorter prep time and greater flexibility

Choose from

  • Knorr® Professional Liquid Concentrated Base - Chicken
  • Knorr® Professional Liquid Concentrated Base - Vegetable
  • Knorr® Professional Liquid Concentrated Base - Beef

Knorr® Professional Ultimate Paste Base

Knorr® Professional Ultimate Paste Bases are the workhorse of your kitchen, relying on real ingredients and flavour rather than salt

Choose from

  • Knorr® Professional Ultimate Paste Base - Chicken
  • Knorr® Professional Ultimate Paste Base - Vegetable
  • Knorr® Professional Ultimate Paste Base - Beef

Knorr® Professional Hollandaise

Knorr® Professional Hollandaise delivers a creamy and consistent sauce with authentic, buttery flavor

  • Scratch-like flavor without breaking or separating
  • 4 hour hold time, eliminating food safety concerns
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives; colors from natural sources
  • No milk needed

LeGout® Cream Soup Base

LeGoût® Cream Soup Base consistently delivers a smooth, creamy texture and rich flavor - perfect for creating savory cream soups, white sauces, casseroles, chowders, and more

  • Instant cream soup mix yields 1.4 gallons of finished, rich cream sauce per pouch
  • Easy prep – add to cold or warm water
  • Thickens in 1-minute
  • Gluten free, vegetarian, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives