In  September 2015, Cantina 1910 opened in Chicago with an acclaimed chef and a multi-million-dollar buildout. It was housed in a former bar in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood. For 18 months, the neighborhood excitedly watched their beloved (but condemned) T's Sports Bar be transformed into a modern Mexican restaurant with preservation kitchen. I believe the expectations of the neighborhood was that the place would be cheap, dark, and a great place to hang out after a softball game.
It was anything but. All the food was locally sourced and labor intensive. Prices were what you'd find downtown. As you can imagine, Yelp went crazy. Yelpers gave the restaurant zero- and one-star reviews, saying the restaurant shouldn't charge for chips and salsa (even though each chip was hand-formed and fried and the salsa had ingredients that didn't appear on other Chicago menus), and that the food was "weird." Basically, they wanted their dive bar back.
The owner lashed out in the newspaper, referring to people writing Yelp reviews as spoiled brats. In reaction, the Yelp reviews got worse and worse. One of the local newspapers even got involved. 

This stirred up Yelpers even more. In addition, management and the chef parted ways, and the restaurant became unprofitable and ultimately closed before its one-year anniversary. I don't attribute it all to a public war with Yelpers, but it certainly didn't help.