We Asked, They Dished
Everyone has fond memories of foods they looked forward to savoring during the holiday season. Your team of UFS chefs filmed their own stories of culinary merriment from around the world and shared the recipes.

Chef Dana - Holiday Cranberry Compote 00:41

Holiday Cranberry Chutney

Chef Dana discusses her family’s very unique cranberry chutney made with caramelized pearl onions.

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Chef Einav - Holiday Potato Latkes 00:23

Holiday Potato Latkes

Crispy latkes with a fluffy, baked potato interior topped with sour cream make Hanukkah even more special for Chef Einav.

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Chef Isaac - Holiday Greens 01:52

Holiday Greens

After the holidays, you can take inspiration from Chef Isaac and his family by getting back on track with this fresh, nutritious meal.

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Chef Kyla - Christmas Morning Strata 01:15

Christmas Morning Strata

Make Christmas morning stress-free and festive by preparing Chef Kyla’s delicious strata the night before.

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Chef Kyle - Holiday Gluhwein 00:24

Holiday Gluhwein

Chef Kyle tells how to make a traditional German mulled wine called gluhwein — with a bit of dramatic flair.

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Chef Rob - Holiday Shrimp Fra Diavolo 00:22

Holiday Shrimp Fra Diavolo

To Chef Rob, the perfect way to celebrate family and tradition is with this spicy shrimp fra diavolo.

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Chef JC - Holiday Coquito 00:31

Holiday Coquito

Try a Puerto Rican twist on eggnog with Chef JC’s coquito. It’s made with a coconut base combined with rum and spices.

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