Healthier Eating

Healthier Eating

Healthier Eating - The Issue

Obesity rates are at an all-time high. Today one in ten adults is obese. More and more guests are concerned with their health and are actively looking for healthier options when eating out.

In contrast one billion people across the world still go hungry every day. Even in the ‘developed world’ millions of school children lack healthy and nutritious meals, essential to make a good start in life and reach their full potential.

Our Approach To Healthier Eating

Through our healthier eating programs we want to encourage chefs, cooks, in fact anyone working in foodservice, to play their part in fighting obesity and malnutrition. We help chefs and cooks worldwide to serve nutritionally balanced, healthier meals which are delicious and enjoyable for their guests.

Find out more about Seductive Nutrition and School Programs:

Seductive Nutrition Healthy School Meals

Improving Our Products For Healthier Eating

We are not just looking to chefs and operators to make the ‘eating out’ experience for diners healthier. We’re looking at our products, too. We’re improving the nutritional value of our products step by step reducing fat, sugar and salt content.

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Reducing Salt Levels For a Healthy Diet

We know that guests like the taste of salt and do not want to compromise taste. Our chefs and food technologists are constantly working on reformulating the recipes of our products using herbs, spices and other ingredients to reduce the need for salt. We’re introducing small reductions year on year to allow guests to get used to the new lower salt level.

In North America, we’ve gradually reduced average salt levels in our Knorr® Soup du Jour portfolio by one-third since 2008.


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