Food Safety Training

Food Safety Training

Food Safety - The Issue

Food Safety

Food safety is a growing issue worldwide. Guests are naturally concerned whether the restaurant they’re eating in follows food hygiene and cleanliness practices. But food safety can pose a considerable threat to restaurants too.

Addressing food safety is complex. Many chefs are simply not able to give it appropriate attention in their kitchen, because they have no easy training materials, lack time and resources.

Our Approach To Food Safety

With our Unilever Food Solutions Food Safety Service we offer training and simple practical tools. We give guidance on how to run a safer kitchen operation and train employees. We also give tips on how to work with suppliers.

Food safety training to chefs and cooks

What We've Achieved

Our safety program is successfully running in China and is currently being launched in Brazil. We’ll follow-up with activities in more countries.

Food Safety Service - A Success Story

In China, we partner with the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) to deliver food safety training to chefs and cooks throughout the country. The service consists of menu planning and training sessions to reduce safety risks and is supported by online tools and information.

We continue to work with the SFDA to maintain standards across China. As a result, food safety is starting to become better understood and procedures are better implemented industry-wide.

To date we’ve reached over 100,000 chefs and cooks and more than 1,000 have already participated in workshops in our Chefmanship Centres.

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