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Ethnic Recipes from Unilever Food Solutions

81% of those surveyed said they ate ethnic food away from home in the last month.1 As exposure to, and interest in, ethnic fare continues to grow, people are looking for authenticity in their global dining adventures.

Trending Flavors & Forms

  • Mexican Fusion, African, South American, Middle Eastern
  • Huevos Rancheros, Kolaches, Tabbouleh and Orzo Salads
  • Regionally focused dishes that tell a story
  • Familiar with a twist. Asian soups were the top-growing soups in 2011.2

Think “authentic ethnic” means adding niche ingredients to your pantry? Not necessarily. The key to menuing ethnic recipes isn’t about more ingredients, it’s about more versatile ingredients. Explore these recipes ideas for ethnic cuisine and discover how to incorporate trending ethnic fare with ease.


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