Ingredients (16 portions)

Amount Measure Name
2.00tbspKnorr Ultimate Pork Base 6 x 1 Lb 
2.00 Bay leaf
1.00 Back ribs , pork, ful slab
2.00cupOnions, white , diced
2.00tbspGarlic(1) , minced
1.00 Chicken, whole/ fryer , smoked, deboned, pulled
2.00tbspKnorr Ultimate Roasted Chicken Base 6 x 1 Lb 
30.00ozHominy , white or yellow, canned/strained
3.00cupKale greens , chopped

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1. Dissolve pork base in water. Add bay leaves.
2. Simmer ribs 1 hour in pork stock.
3. Strain and reserve stock. Remove bay leaves
4. Clean and dice pork rib meat.
5. Saute onions and garlic in butter. Cook 6 minutes.
6. Add pork and chicken.
7. Add Knorr chicken base and water.
8. Puree hominy. Add to pot.
9. Add pork stock. Simmer 10 minutes.
10. Add kale. Season to taste and simmer 1 minute.

recipe number: 1-EN-74668 recipe code: R0012499

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