Pork and Apple Curry with Basmati Rice


Ingredients (10 servings)

Amount Measure Name
2.50 lb2.50lbPork Loin , center cut, diced in 1/2" pieces
0.42 tbsp0.42tbspPeanut oil
1.70 tsp1.70tspGarlic(1) , minced
0.83 tbsp0.83tbspOnions, shallots , minced
0.80 oz0.80ozCurry Powder
0.80 oz0.80ozTomato paste
2.50 cup2.50cupWater
0.83 tbsp0.83tbspKnorr Ultimate Low Sodium Roasted Chicken Base 6 X 1 Lb 
1.70 oz1.70ozYogurt, plain
0.30 tsp0.30tspSalt
1.67 tbsp1.67tbspCornstarch
0.83 cup0.83cupApples , diced in 1/4" pieces
     Mint , fresh - to garnish
3.33 cup3.33cupRice, basmati
5.00 cup5.00cupWater

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1. Sear off pork loin dice until caramelized in peanut oil.

2. Sweat garlic and shallots with curry powder to release flavor.

3. Add tomato paste and water with Knorr Ulitmate Low Sodium Chicken Base.

4. Braise about 1/2 hour in 350°F oven.

5. Finish with diced apple and stir in yogurt.

6. Garnish with fresh mint.

7. Bring water to boil, add rice and cover. Cook on low heat about 18 minutes.

8. Serve pork on top of basmati rice.

recipe number: 1-EN-38723 recipe code: R0004701

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