Pan Roasted Loin of Midwestern Pork


Ingredients (10 servings)

Amount Measure Name
5.00 lb5.00lbPork loin bone-in trimmed of chine bone
4.00 oz4.00ozSteak seasoning mix
2.00 floz2.00flozOlive oil
3.00 lb3.00lbmirepoix (carrot, celery, onion) coarsely chopped
3.00 oz3.00ozAll-purpose flour
3.00 tbsp3.00tbspThyme , sprigs
2.00 tbsp2.00tbspSage fresh
1.50 qt1.50qtKnorr ultimate pork base, prepared 
3.00 tbsp3.00tbspItalian Parsley chopped
1.00 oz1.00ozButter
2.00 cup2.00cupOnion, yellow julienned
     Kosher salt & coarse pepper to season


Preheat oven to 375°F
1. In a large roasting pan, season the meat with steak seasoning mix. Sear on all sides in very hot saute pan or roaster. Position the pork racks bone side down. Place in the oven. Roast for 1 hour. Turn the loin over, add the mirepoix of vegetables and continue to roast to an internal temperature of 165°F.
2. When the meat has reached the appropriate temperature, remove from the pan, place the roasted vegetables in bowl and hold warm.
3. Place the roasting pan on the stove over medium heat, add the flour and cook until golden brown in color. Slowly add the prepared pork base and whisk to avoid excess lumping. Add the roasted vegetables, thyme and sage. Simmer the sauce over low heat until the vegetables are tender and have flavored the sauce.
4. In a sauce pan slowly sauté the onions until golden brown and tender. Strain the pork sauce into the onions and simmer for 10 minutes. Add the parsley and hold warm for service.
5. Adjust seasoning and consitency if desired.

Yield: 1 qt sauce; 4lbs Pork Loin

recipe number: 1-EN-33647 recipe code: R0004324

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