Gingered Beef Salad with Snow Peas


Ingredients (10 servings)

Amount Measure Name
16.00 oz16.00ozBeef loin, strip loin boneless , julienned and cooked
1.00 tsp1.00tspGinger root , minced
2.00 floz2.00flozCorn oil
4.00 oz4.00ozOnions, red , thinly sliced
1.00 cup1.00cupSnow peas , cooked, bias cut
1.00 cup1.00cupCarrots , julienned
0.25 cup0.25cupGreen Onion , bias cut
0.50 tsp0.50tspRed Pepper, diced
6.00 floz6.00flozHELLMANN'S Sesame Thai Vinaigrette, 2/1 gallon jugs 2 X 1 GA 
     Black Pepper

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1. Season beef with ginger and black pepper.
2. Heal oil in a saute pan. Brown meat in small quantities. Remove and chill.
3. Combine meat with remaining ingredients. Adjust seasonings. Chill well to serve.

recipe number: 1-EN-69902 recipe code: R0010811

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