Add a Punch of Flavor to Sandwiches

Sandwich ideas for chefs and operators

From unexpected spices to unusual flavor combinations, restaurant patrons are eager to taste the next new thing with their sandwiches.

To the flavor-conscious consumer, unique and customized sandwich recipes are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now is a perfect time to experiment with new sandwich ideas, as restaurants are adding flavors to key condiments — from ketchup and mustard to dressings and butters.

Bold flavors such as aioli, chipotle, balsamic, vinaigrette and jalapeño are all growing in popularity.1 With Hellmann’s®/Best Foods® Light Mayonnaise, you can add a punch of on-trend flavor to transform ordinary sandwiches into unique and better-for-you menu offerings.

Sandwich Recipes

Try these recipes to give your sandwich menu a punch of flavor with Hellmann’s®/Best Foods®.

Find more inspiration and sandwich ideas with this recipe guide from Sandwich Pro. It’s easy to upscale sandwiches and burgers with these mix-in ideas. Just start with Hellmann’s®/Best Foods® Light Mayonnaise,then stir in one, two or three fresh and flavorful ingredients.

Mayo Mix-in: Find on-trend flavor ideas

Superior Performance

Hellmann’s®Light, Real and Extra Heavy Mayonnaise products have earned the prestigious Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence, out-performing major competitors in virtually all of the 3,760 evaluations and tests conducted by a team of Certified Master Chefs.

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Seductive Nutrition: Small changes that can lead to a healthier, flavorful menu.Show customers you’re using Hellmann’s® with free front-of-house merchandise.

1 US Sandwich Overview Dattassential MenuTrends, July 2012


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