'Tis the Season to Savor

According to the National Restaurant Associations's 2013 What’s Hot? Chef Survey, “new cuts of meat” is listed as the #2 center-of-plate trend.1 As we move into the holiday season, you can add unique protein dishes to your menu using KNORR bases, sauces and gravies. On-trend ethnic or traditional, center-of-plate or sandwich, these holiday recipes feature a variety of protein cuts sure to please your guests this season.

Add seasonal flair to your menu with these simple ideas:

- Adding seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts is a great way to infuse new flavor notes and textures into your dishes. Cranberries, diced apples, grapes and roasted nuts are proven patron-pleasers that add unique textures, flavor and crunch.

- Many vegetables are reaching the end of their peak season, so it’s a great time to roast them for maximum flavor. Roasted eggplant, zucchini, squash, mushrooms or even carrots make easy-to-prepare vegetable sides.

- Winter weather is ideal for hearty soups like chowders, bisques, cheese-based soups and cream soups. Butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, creamy chicken with wild rice, turkey-vegetable and broccoli-cheese all have seasonal appeal.

Free Meat Coupon

Free Meat Coupon

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The Meat Calculator

Meat Calculator

Transform cuts of meat with the KNORR Meat Calculator.

Holiday Recipes

1 NRA 2013 What’s Hot? Chef Survey 


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