Hellmann's® Extra Heavy

Maximum Strength Mayonnaise. Inspires passion and loyalty.

A foodservice exclusive! We add extra egg yolks to our trade secret Hellmann's® REAL recipe for an extra-thick, extra-curdy viscosity that foodservice professionals appreciate. This thicker, more eggy mayonnaise is preferred by some chefs for adding extra-rich flavor and texture to sandwiches and for use in demanding recipe applications.

  • Delivers the trademark Hellmann's® flavor comprised on the perfect balance of acidic and sweet flavor, with an added creamy and robust taste
  • Stands up best to demanding food preparation due to its thicker, superior emulsion, has the ability to withstand heat without oil separation and has excellent browning ability
  • Is made with real, simple ingredients like eggs, oil and vinegar to meet consumer demand for simpler foods

Hellmann's® Extra Heavy has excellent Back-of-House Versatility

  • Low-Acidity Scratch Salad Dressings: Best for salad dressings with little or not citrus content
  • Low-Moisture Bound Salads: Provides outstanding "cling" for salads less prone to weeping, such as chicken salad or potato salad
  • Ingredients for Hot Applications: Exclusive emulsion withstands heat without oil separation
  • Coating Agent for Fish and Chicken: Excellent browning while adding flavor
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Nationwide availability August 2010

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