Seductive Nutrition Challenge

Seductive Nutiriton

Join in our commitment to reduce calories

Make the pledge to reduce a top dish by 100 calories!

Unilever Food Solutions has made a commitment to help improve the health and wellness of foodservice guests by rallying chefs and restaurateurs across the U.S. to collectively remove 10 million calories from top menu items.

Today we are asking that restaurateurs join our Seductive Nutrition Challenge by pledging to:

  1. Reduce a top menu item by 100 calories.
  2. Enhance the menu description of the dish to make the dish more appealing to guests and inspire them to choose slightly healthier menu items.

Pledge now!

Did you know?

According to our latest World Menu Report findings while 52% of U.S. diners surveyed said they frequently look for healthy menu options when eating out, 70% prefer to treat themselves when they place their order. And nearly 40% of diners say the “healthy” option sounds less “tasty” or may not be as filling.

Seductive Nutrition is about balancing the health and appeal of your menu by making dishes slightly healthier through small changes to the ingredients or preparation and “romancing” the description of your menu items to appeal to your customers. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Calorie Reduction Techniques

Lisa Carlson, nutrition manager at Unilever Food Solutions, applies the Seductive Nutrition approach to reduce calories in leading menu items.
Calorie Reduction Techniques

Words to Get You Started

Chef Steve Jilleba, CMC, corporate executive chef at Unilever Food Solutions, has “romanced” many a menu to help menu items sound as delicious as they taste. He shares some tips on how to make your menu work harder for you, especially when you are showcasing healthier options. 

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Words to Get You Started

Calorie Calculator

See for yourself how exchanging one or two ingredients for healthier food selections, or adjusting portion sizes, can reduce total calories in one of your top dishes.

Use the Calorie Calculator as Inspiration to Reduce Calories


This USDA MyPlate tool offers nutrition information for more than 8,000 foods. Compare dishes like yours side-by-side with a version of the dish that might be lower in calories.

Visit Food-A-Pedia

Seductive Nutrition Tool

Explore how Seductive Nutrition changed the recipes of ten popular dishes – and how we “romanced” their menu descriptions to inspire guests.

Explore Simple Solutions to Improve Menu Nutrition
The World Flavor DVD shows Seductive Nutrition from Local Produce
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Explore Seductive Nutrition with local ingredients
Explore Ethnic Recipes
Choose Healthier Options - World Menu Report
Inspiration Starts Here: Simple Solutions to Improve Menu Nutrition

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