World Menu Report 3: Seductive Nutrition

World Menu Report 3: Seductive Nutrition

The World Menu Report: Seductive Nutrition shows us that people really want to be given the option of eating slightly healthier food when they are dining out, but without having to compromise on taste or the feeling that it is a treat. As a chef, you want to give guests an experience that is totally different to what they have at home. You also want to make sure the food meets their needs because they are the life of your business.

Unilever Food Solutions realizes that as a leading food service provider, it has both the responsibility and ability to help promote healthy eating in a way that delivers great taste and appeal by understanding what makes diners chose something a little healthier. The answer, we believe, lies in “Seductive Nutrition” – the creation and positioning of healthier dishes as equal in taste, value for money and overall satisfaction to their less healthy counterparts.

Instead of having to introduce new dishes to yours menus, you should focus on making small changes to top-selling dishes. This means that guests will get the best of both worlds – their favorite food, but made healthier. By ensuring these dishes are designed to sound as tasty and attractive as possible to diners, chefs and operators will be offering healthier food without compromising on its appeal. Guests want inspiration, not just information.

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