Common Components

Smart Kitchen

Good organization is at the heart of a really effective kitchen. From overseeing quality and setting prices, to controlling costs  and organizing staff, running a kitchen is one of the toughest jobs. At Unilever Food Solutions our aim is to help you work smarter rather than harder. We will share our experiences in successful kitchens to help your kitchen operation become even slicker.

By reducing the cost of your ingredients you are immediately adding to your bottom line, so it is worth taking time to consider the following…


Be smart on food costs

Use What’s in Season

Bring more seasonal produce to your menu. Ask your supplier to keep you informed and try switching from demand-driven to more supply-driven ordering. Discuss your menu ideas with them as you plan.

Regional Dishes

Menus sound fresh and tasty with local specialities. They can be cheaper to create and sustain a good menu price. Promote sourcing of local fish, meat and vegetables.

Buy Smarter

Good buying will benefit your restaurant and your guests. Consider the volume of ingredients that you buy. Are you buying too much, not enough or too frequently?

Common Components

Compose your menu in such a way that some ingredients can be featured in several dishes. One ingredient in one unpopular dish can lose margin.

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