Lipton® Tea

Let the #1 name in tea1 help you profit from the power of the leaf!

Healthcare facilities are challenged with keeping up with changing nutritional guidelines, on-trend flavors, and the growing demand for portability.  Let Lipton® help you manage these challenges and improve patient, staff and guest satisfaction with Lipton® Iced, Specialty and Traditional Hot Teas.  

  • 81% of consumers believe Lipton® to be extremely or very good tasting²
  • 61% of consumers trust the Lipton® brand the most²
  • 45% believe that featuring Lipton® creates a more satisfying dining experience²

Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea

We’ve Sweetened the Deal!  Simplify your sweet tea service and improve consistency with new Lipton® Fresh Brewed Sweet Teas.  We’ve added the sweetener and flavor into the tea bag for true one-step-prep fresh brewed sweet teas.

Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea
  • On trend varieties to satisfy your customers:  Sweet, Southern Sweet and Sweet Green tea with Citrus
  • Pre-sweetened with sucralose, the active ingredient in Splenda
  • Zero Calorie iced tea

Committed to Sustainability

  • All of our sweet teas are Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Each tea product is packaged in a zero landfill facility

Lipton® Hot Teas aren’t just for breakfast!  

Lipton® offers a variety of Specialty and Traditional Teas that are great alternatives to both water and coffee!  Did you know that a full 20% of hot tea servings come from lunch, dinner and afternoon snack occasions4?   Use Lipton® to help you maximize your tea profits.

Lipton® Specialty Hot Teas

16 Varieties to choose from!  From popular black tea to on-trend fruit-infused herbal and green varieties, there’s something for everyone.

Check out our new contemporary packaging for our hot tea blends:

Lipton® Hot Teas
Rainforest Alliance Certification

Did you know that many of our specialty hot black and herbal and green teas are already rainforest alliance certified?


Lipton® Traditional Teas

Lipton® Traditional Teas are the teas consumers know and trust.  Our strong brand equity appeals to your customers with its unique history and availability in more than 150 countries worldwide.   Offering our three traditional teas makes it easy to satisfy the request of your patrons. They’re the essential varieties for a successful hot tea program and all are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Lipton® Traditional Teas
  • Lipton® 100% GREEN TEA – Capitalize on a hot trend – green tea is one of the most popular varieties!
  • Lipton® BLACK TEA – More than 20 varieties of leaves in each bag – perfectly blended for optimal taste.
  • Lipton® BLACK DECAF TEA – 100% real tea leaves are used to ensure our decaffeinated blend makes great-tasting tea.
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2The NPD Group, Lipton® Fresh Brewed Iced Tea Study, June 2010
3Global Trends in Tea:  Identifying Growth Opportunities, “Euromonitor International, July 2010”
4The NPD Group, 3 years ending 2009


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