Caldo Loco


Ingredients (10 servings)

Amount Measure Name
1.00 cup1.00cupKnorr® Tomato Flavored Rice
67.00 oz67.00ozWater
2.00 tbl2.00tblCaldo De Tomate 4 X 4.4 Lb 
1.00 cup1.00cupGarbanzo Beans
5.00 tbl5.00tblFresh cilantro
2.00 pc2.00pcAvocados
1.00 cup1.00cupManchego
1.00 cup1.00cupTortillas

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1. Reconstitute the Knorr® Tomato Flavored Rice with the water and the Knorr® Tomato Caldo.

2. Open the cans of garbanzo beans, rinse, drain, and set aside.

3. Wash, clean, and chop the cilantro. Set aside.

4. Peel and cut the avocado into cubes. Set aside.

5. Cut the cheese into cubes. Set aside.

6. Cut the tortillas into julienne strips and fry. Set aside.

7. Assemble the soup bowls with a little bit of garbanzo beans, cilantro, avocado, Manchego cheese, and julienned tortilla.

8. Add rice to broth at serving time.

recipe number: 1-EN-101534 recipe code: R0022190

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